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On the following pages, you’ll find information about my counselling, coaching and psychotherapy services. To read more about my work, just click on Services on the top menu bar.

Sessions with Gemma: Sessions are available in person, by phone, or Skype. You can book via email or by calling: 0417 298 370 in Australia, or 61 417 298 370 outside of Australia.

E-book on Conflict Resolution

My first e-book, Resolving Your Conflicts with Power and Grace: A Woman’s Guide to Conflict Resolution, is now available on this website.

This practical step-by-step guide is filled with stories and strategies to support and assist women safely through the many stresses—and opportunities—of conflict.

The book was originally published in 2002 by Random House and has been updated and reformated for ease of e-book reading. To check out my ebook, click here


Relationship Issues and Couples Work 

Relationships are a primary source of both pleasure and pain, comfort and confusion. Most of us grew up without adequate knowledge and skills for looking after our relationships or using our conflicts and differences to enhance our connections and intimacy. If this is you, consider giving yourself or your relationship some expert help and coaching. Call me on 0417 298 370 or email me now to discuss your needs and set up an appointment.


Relationship Transitions: New Partnering, Divorce, Separation and Family Changes

Changes and transitions in relationships are often the most taxing of events for people, bringing up feelings of pain and loss, as well as financial and practical difficulties. New relationships can also pose challenges and concerns, as we encounter unexpected complications. Getting help to move through these issues can bring needed relief and facilitate faster healing and resolution. Call me on 0417 298 370 or email me now to discuss your needs and set up an appointment.


BLOG: Afraid of Therapy or Just Plain Skeptical? 6 Common Fears of Therapy

Afraid of becoming a character in a Woody Allen movie and getting trapped in therapy forever? Worried about being led astray by an unbalanced therapist? Concerned about being judged or analysed? You’re not alone. Read my latest blog about six very common fears of therapy. Click here to read now.


Women’s Soul Life CoachingClick for more information on Women’s Soul Coaching Sessions with Gemma


AUDIO PROGRAMS: Listen in the comfort of your own home now.

1. Time of the Moonflower: Expanding Our Consciousness through the Dark Night of the Soul with Gemma Summers & Shushann Movsessian. Click here for more information and to purchase: Moonflower Series.

The Dark Night journey has been experienced and understood by mystics, spiritual seekers, shamans, pilgrims, artists, healers and people of all kinds throughout history. Perhaps you’ve had your own dark night experience that has changed your life forever, or perhaps it has left you feeling disturbed, overwhelmed or wondering why you had to go through this experience. How do you find meaning and distil wisdom from these tough times? How do you find peace and healing after a Dark Night of the Soul that has gone on for months or years? Listen in to our program to learn about this important life passage.


2. The Gold Tent: Rebirth of the Menopausal Woman with Gemma Summers and Shushann Movsessian. Click here for more information and to purchase: The Gold Tent Series.

The Soulful Woman has created the Gold Tent, a space for women travelling the menopausal path. In our two-part audio series, we offer women an opportunity to discover menopause as a mystical journey of metamorphosis and rebirth.

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